Fix Hidden Attribute option greyed out

Fix Hidden Attribute option greyed out: Hidden Attribute is a checkbox under Folder or File Properties, which when check marked doesn’t display the file or folder in Windows File Explorer and it will also not be displayed under search results. Hidden Attribute is not a security feature in Microsoft Windows rather it is used to hide system files in order to prevent accidental modification of those files which can seriously harm your system.

You could easily view these hidden files or folders by going to Folder Option in File Explorer and then check mark the option “Show hidden files, folders, and drives.” And if you want to hide a specific file or folder then you right click on that file or folder and select Properties. Now check mark Hidden attribute under properties windows then click Apply followed by OK. This would hide your files or folders from unauthorized access, but sometime this hidden attribute checkbox is greyed out in the properties window and you won’t be able to hide any file or folder.

If the hidden attribute option is greyed out then you could easily set the parent folder as hidden but this is not a permanent fix. So in order to Fix Hidden Attribute option greyed out in Windows 10, follow the below-listed guide.

Fix Hidden Attribute option greyed out

Make sure to  create a restore point  just in case something goes wrong.

1.Press Windows Key + X then select Command Prompt (Admin).

2.Type the following command into cmd:

attrib -H -S “Folder_Path” /S /D

Note: The above command can be broken down into:

attrib: Displays, sets, or removes the read-only, archive, system, and hidden attributes assigned to files or directories.

-H: Clears the hidden file attribute.
-S: Clears the system file attribute.
/S: Applies attrib to matching files in the current directory and all of its subdirectories.
/D: Applies attrib to directories.

3.If you also need to clear the read-only attribute then type this command:

attrib -H -S -R “Folder_Path” /S /D

-R: Clears the read-only file attribute.

4.If you want to set the read-only attribute and hidden attribute then follow this command:

attrib +H +S +R “Folder_Path” /S /D

Note: Break down of command is as follow:

+H: Sets the hidden file attribute.
+S: Sets the system file attribute.
+R: Sets the read-only file attribute.

5.If you want to clear the read only and hidden attribute on an external hard disk then type this command:

I:\ (Assuming I: is you external hard disk)

attrib -H -S \*.* /S /D

Note: Don’t run this command on your Windows drive as it causes a conflict and harms your system installation files.

6.Reboot your PC to save changes.

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That’s it you have successfully Fix Hidden Attribute option greyed out but if you still have any questions regarding this post then feel free to ask them in the comment’s section.